Family Meat for the Week Pack


Family Meat For The Week Pack

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5 x Boneless Chicken Fillets, juicy tender chicken breasts, great for a huge range of dinners! 750g-850g

1 x Whole Chicken, farm assured, barn reared chicken. 1200g-1300g

5 x Boneless Minty Pork Chops, succulent boneless melt in the mouth pork chops in a minty marinade, ideal for grilling or frying 750g-850g

12 x Butchers Own Pork Sausages, handmade by us for an incredible flavour fried, grilled or baked! 550g-650g

5 x Pure Steak Burgers, handmade in-store. 500g-550g

434g Best Beef Mince, minced by us to guarantee amazing quality and flavour for multiple uses.

434g Diced Chicken Breast, 100% diced chicken breast, great for a curry or fry off for fajitas or stir-fries.


Products packed in 100% recyclable packaging

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Weight 4600 g