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Taylor Meats Famous Meat for the Week Pack

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Check out this Great Value pack! Available for Home Delivery!

5 x TOP RUMP STEAKS 500-600g Extra lean and tender steaks, great to fry or grill, best results braised!

5 x BONELESS PORK CHOPS 750g – 850g Succulent boneless melt in the mouth pork chops, ideal for grilling or frying.

5 x CHICKEN FILLETS 750g – 850g Juicy tender chicken breasts, great for a huge range of dinners!

10 x PORK SAUSAGES 550g – 650g Butchers own, handmade by us for an incredible flavour fried, grilled or baked.

BBQ PULLED PORK JOINT 750g – 850g, Beautifully tender fall apart pulled pork joint, best cooked slow and long for 4+hours.

434g BEST BEEF MINCE, minced by us to guarantee amazing quality and flavour for multiple uses.

434g CHICKEN BREAST STRIPS, 100% chicken breast strips great for a curry, stir fry or fajitas!

Please note the FREE, Free range eggs are not included in our on-line deliveries as they don’t travel well!

Allergens, Gluten, Soya, Milk, Egg, Celery, Mustard, Sulphites

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Weight 5000.0000 g
Swop C

Chicken Breast Strips for Mince, Chicken Breast Strips for Sausages, Mince for Chicken Breast Strips, Mince for Sausages, No Swop, Sausages for Chicken Breast Strips, Sausages for Mince

Swop A

BBQ Pulled Pork for Whole Chicken, No Swop, Pork Chops for BBQ Pork Chops, Pork Chops for Chinese Pork Chops, Rump Steak for Pure Steak Burgers

Swop B

Chicken Breasts for Pork Chops, Chicken Breasts for Rump Steaks, No Swop, Pork Chops for Chicken Breasts, Pork Chops for Rump Steaks, Rump Steaks for Chicken Breasts, Rump Steaks for Pork Chops